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At some point this weekend guys im hoping to get the three musketeers together to do some architectural work done on the website and then we can start to rebuild it. 


Rest assured whoever it is thats got it in for vrRoom or Mustard i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have once again inspired me and give me the lift that i needed vrRoom version 3 here we come. You see our community is strong, our admin team are ninja's and our league drivers are the very best our there. You should of course come and race us instead of trying to disrupt vrRoom in this way its so child like... Please except this challenge, i will open the doors to vrRoom for any other GT community out there to get 6 of your best drivers and to contact me through the pns my id is GT-MUSTARD-GT ... Over the next month (Dec) i expect someone out there to be brave enough to step up and except this challenge, mainly for fun but definitely for braging writes. 


VRroom vs ????????? .... Who's first :whistle: 




VR Career is now accessible to the public.

VRroom.org was created as a platform to bring the true simracing enthusiast of the world together. We run all our events/rooms etc with full damage and every room is fully marshaled by one of our VR Race Officials. We have a VR career (requires a VR licence to take part) that gives the driver choice and a unique new way to interact online with the opportunity to compete on your own or as part of a team for virtual money, medals, and even your very own Race HQ .. We also have a online store and run various competitions for real prizes at no cost to the user.

Sign up now for free and get involved in the most authentic racing to be had in the sim world

League Information/Regulations/Track etc

On the left menu panel, their is a section headlined "VR Leagues". Here you will find the Rules page and all the current leagues being run. Click on a league and you will find the regulations, season summary and the top 3 standings on the right side.

  •  To view the full table, click "View full table" under the top 3 ranking.
  •  To view which tracks are being run (or previous race results) click on a week on the summary section.
  •  To view someones racing history, click on their name.


Race Now Events & League Calendar

On the right hand side are calendars showing the dates of upcoming events. Mousing over the Race Now events shows more detailed information like

  • Who is participating
  • How many spaces are left

Clicking on a league date will show information as well, but this is still in development.
(All necessary info is on the left menu as previously mentioned)


All your News, video and photo sections are on the left menu.
Latest videos can be instantly played on the right hand side menu.

Thank you.

I hope this will help VRroom members navigate the new website and find the information they need. See you on the track!